With it, going home is extraordinarily warm

Most modern urban youth renovations will choose a simple and natural Nordic style. If the overall pattern looks coordinated, it will usually choose relatively simple accessories. The lamp is an indispensable item for every family. Today, the I wants to introduce a typical Nordic style lamp.


It comes from a young but extremely fast-growing Internet home brand ā€“ the products of which are mostly designed and designed by Nordic designers. As early as before, we have recommended their dessert table, which has a strong sense of design, simple style and space saving.

Similar to its style is this deer bell floor lamp. The simple and restrained appearance is not too eye-catching, but it subtly enhances the spatial level. It is a good match between the sofa, the dining table and the bedroom. It can be perfectly integrated into any style of decoration.


A simple silhouette shade, straight-converged light pole line, polished from North American A-grade white oak, naturally connected to a rounded chassis

The solid wood floor is solid and comfortable to wear and durable. The end of the pole is fitted with matte non-slip brass for a warm, metallic look.

Ā light

Anti-rust metal base, electrostatically sprayed with epoxy powder, showing its quality everywhere. The dark brown leather is used as a lampshade suspension connection, and the details are well matched. The simple and natural Finnish atmosphere is injected into the modern space, which is simple and fashionable.

The chic bell-shaped floor lamp can be used to add a lot of color to the dark bedroom. When night falls, the gentle light scatters and kills you one night after another. A person is super warm at home.


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