Faux mink blanket

Which is better for blankets and quilts?

Blankets and quilts, which one is good, do you have this question?

Whether it is a blanket or a quilt, they are all bedding products and are commonly used for warmth. It is because of the same purpose that it will lead people to compare. Blankets and quilts can be said to be substitutes for each other. Some prefer a blanket, while others prefer a quilt.

Let's take a look at the blankets. The blankets are made of various materials and styles and have their own big wave of iron powder. High-quality blankets are breathable and soft, antibacterial, antibacterial, hygroscopic and warm, and have good adsorption performance. Compared with thick quilts, general blankets are slightly thinner. Therefore, blankets are generally used in spring and autumn, and thin blankets are quite good in summer.

faux mink blanket

There are also many types of quilts, such as quilts, wool quilts, silk quilts, etc. The quilts of different raw materials have different characteristics, and comfort may be different. For example, quilts, especially those household quilts that are made by hand using high-quality cotton and fabrics, have thick and wide quilts that are better in warmth and absorb sweat and breath. They are preferred in the cold season and are generally suitable for winter. However, if the quilt is too heavy, it will make people feel flustered. When you are cold, you can try a thin and moderate quilt with a blanket on it, so that you don't feel heavy and don't need to worry about the cold.

Different people like nature is different in this world, quilts, blankets, raw materials, work methods, etc. will also have different qualities, so you may wish to choose your own favorite and suitable for your bedding.


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