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What to do if the sofa cover shrinks

What to do if the sofa cover shrinks? How does the sofa cover wash without shrinking? In fact, as long as the fabric is rich in cotton, it cannot be guaranteed that shrinkage will not occur easily. However, cotton fabric cannot be found at all, and the comfort is much worse. Therefore, the shrinkage of the fabric is a problem for any fabric sofa manufacturer. A phenomenon encountered. Professionals have shown that it is not possible for the fabric to not shrink, but some processing techniques can be used to reduce the shrinkage of the fabric according to post-processing efforts. Not many, so there will be strict restrictions on water washing temperature, the requirements to put the sofa cover without drying.

In addition, when choosing a cloth sofa, pay attention to the after-sales service promised by the manufacturer. What should I do if there is a shrinkage? Can I return it for free? The description and the content of the components cannot be ignored. If it is not a clear sign, it is best to sign a contract with the supplier to prevent future problems.

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