What kind of material is good for home carpet?

 In the life of modern urbanites, carpets are a very common household item. Carpets are an effective tool to help us maintain the cleanliness of the house. I believe everyone agrees on this, but there are many kinds of carpets on the market. It is also a variety, then, how to choose a home carpet? What kind of material is good for home carpet? Let's get to know it.


Household carpet material

1, silk carpet

Speaking of silk, I believe that everyone is familiar with, and silk home carpets are made of silk. Silk home carpets have the advantages of thickness, good elasticity, strong moisture absorption, and good air permeability. They are often placed in the living room, silk home carpet. The surface is smooth and feels good. It is a high-end atmosphere in the living room, showing the owner's elegant quality of life. 

2, pure wool carpet

Advantages: Keep warm and noise-reducing; it looks very tall and actually very tall; in all carpets, it is soft and comfortable at max level; it releases moisture when dry, and absorbs moisture when wet.

Disadvantages: Jinzhou leaves need to be raised in the deep, only suitable for the bedroom, the easiest to grow long mites and mildew; maintenance costs are high, and the price is high.

3, chemical fiber carpet

Advantages: strong tensile strength, good wear resistance, and flexible; not affected by humidity, anti-fouling, mildew and mothproof; good cleaning, easy to dry, no wrinkles, not easy to fade; the most important thing is moderate price.

Disadvantages: Insulation and light resistance are worse than wool carpets; man-made fibers are flammable, easy to generate static electricity and absorb dust.

4, nylon carpet

Nylon carpet is the most durable one in household carpets. Because nylon carpets are mildewproofed, non-slip, anti-corrosive, anti-wear, and tortuous, and the price is relatively affordable, most consumers choose nylon household carpets for placement. In the corridors, entrances, and stairs, although nylon household carpets are cost-effective, nylon household carpets are more susceptible to contamination and static electricity.


5, blended carpet

Blended carpet, which is a blend of inner wool and various synthetic fibers. This carpet material generally has the advantages of wool carpet and combines the durability of fiber carpet. It is a kind of high-cost performance. carpet.

6, rag carpet

The carpet of this material is very cost-effective, the material is simple, the price is very cheap, the color and the solid color can complement each other, and it is very good to look at both sides. It can be washed inside the washing machine. It is only suitable for small-area use. It is generally suitable for entrances, dressing rooms, restaurants, studios, and it is simpler in the living room.

7, acrylic carpet

Acrylic rugs are relatively affordable, and acrylic rugs are durable and easy to clean. In addition, there is now a sisal jute carpet, which is very suitable for summer. The most environmentally friendly is probably it.

8, plastic carpet

Advantages: How to toss cannot be overestimated, the most wearable in all carpets; the best cleaning; most importantly, the price is cheaper than real. If you want to come to the carpet, you don't want to take care of it, or you are ashamed of it, now the pattern of the plastic carpet can be much more.

Disadvantages: The hand feels not so soft; the price is there, and it doesn't require a high level of weaving like other carpets, so it is not so delicate.

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