What is the use of felt pads

What is the use of felt pads

Uses of felt pads

1. Felt pads are used on sports equipment, percussion instruments, and even some medical equipment. This can protect the equipment and prevent damage to the equipment during use.

2. Felt pads are used in home appliances such as recorders, computers, cameras, fax machines, and air conditioners because felt pads not only have good sound insulation, insulation, and heat insulation effects but also extend the life of home appliances. , Give full play to the functions of home appliances, and it is safer to use, so felt pads are widely used in the production of home appliances.

3, car owners usually pay attention to car maintenance, felt pads can help the car engine's heat insulation and sound insulation, but also block the excess heat, clean the car parts, it is also very convenient to use.

4. The blackboard eraser often seen in daily life is also useful for felt pads, which can prevent friction. Not only that, the felt pads are also widely used in the production of gas masks, electrical wires and other mechanical products.
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