What is the best carpets materials ?

Carpets have the ability to store dust, and when dust falls on the carpet, it no longer flies. Therefore, the carpet can purify the indoor air and beautify the indoor environment. The carpet is popular among consumers because of its soft texture, comfortable foot and safe use. There are many kinds of carpet materials, such as pure wool carpet, blended carpet, chemical fiber carpet, plastic carpet, straw carpet, etc. Let's take a closer look at the carpet material.


Carpet material

1, pure wool carpet

Pure wool carpets are generally made from sheep wool.

2, cotton carpet

There are many kinds of pure cotton, generally flat weave, line carpet, and chenille tufting series, which is cost-effective and the foot is very soft and comfortable.

3, synthetic fiber carpet

It is made by the tufting method or the weaving method to make the synthetic fiber into a surface layer, and then stitched with the bottom of the linen, The chemical fiber carpet has good wear resistance and elasticity, and the price is low, which is suitable for the floor decoration of general buildings.


4, blended carpet

The blended carpet is a floor decoration material blended with wool fibers and various synthetic fibers. The blended carpet is blended with synthetic fibers, so the price is lower and the performance is improved. For example, 20% nylon fiber is added to the wool fiber. After blending, the abrasion resistance of the carpet can be increased by five times, the decorative performance is no less than pure wool carpet, and the price is more affordable.

The biggest disadvantage of spinning is that the disadvantage of overcoming a certain material must be mixed with the corresponding material. For example, if nylon fiber is not added, the wear resistance of the blended carpet is not so high; it is easy to accumulate dust.

5, suede carpet

The material of this carpet is usually made of broken cowhide, and the color is basically a single point. But he has a strong texture, suitable for living room, studio, study and other areas.

6, rag carpet

The carpet of this material is very cost-effective, the material is simple, the price is very cheap, the color and the solid color can complement each other, and it is very good to look at both sides.


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