What color curtains help sleep

What color curtains help sleep? The bedroom is a space for people to rest and sleep. It is best not to have too much light, and it is best to choose a warm color system, which is conducive to physical relaxation.
It is understood that purple is the color that is most conducive to rest and sleep, and it is also the most dreamy color; but people with heart disease are not suitable for purple, because purple is lazy, it will suppress motor nerves, and is not good for patients' health.
The princess pink and red that girls like, and the sky blue that boys like, can be used if the bedroom user likes it, but remember that the color should not be too dark, it will be irritating, just a touch of color. It is recommended to be soft.
Light green, as the color closest to nature, psychologically speaking, it can make people relax visually, feel more comfortable, and help to rest and sleep. However, it is not recommended to use light green alone. Diversification is better. For example, light green for curtains, pink for quilts, sky blue for furniture, etc. are comfortable and not monotonous.
Beige and light pink feel more warm, and these colors are just fine in the bedroom.
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