What are the indoor carpet materials?

What are the indoor carpet materials?

There are many different choices of interior carpet materials, which meet the requirements of different home environment design. Many friends will consider purchasing a refined indoor carpet at the end of the year, but everyone will hesitate when considering the specific materials. Ok, today we will take a look at the characteristics of various types of carpets.

1.cowhide carpet

The leather carpet design is very atmospheric, and it directly adopts cowhide as raw material. The overall style is simple and stable. Although the color of the carpet is relatively monotonous, it is the design of this primary color that can highlight the simplicity and characteristics of the leather carpet. The price of the leather carpet. More expensive, everyone can learn more.



2.wool carpet

Wool carpets are considered to be a symbol of honor and quality. Many friends favor wool carpets. Better wool carpets are produced in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, etc. Its wool color can be more pure, and the touch is very delicate, which can bring more A good experience, the wool material is natural and can meet the concept of environmentally friendly design.

wool carpet


3.acrylic carpet

Acrylic carpets are cheaper and belong to one of the economical types of carpet products. Acrylic carpets are generally made of medium-length fibers. The appearance of such fibrous materials is not easy to fall off and pilling, and is not affected by air humidity. Daily cleaning and the like are relatively convenient. Acrylic carpets are stylish and come in a wide variety of designs.

acrylic carpet


4.vintage hand-woven carpet

For many customers, handmade products are now more attractive to them. Handmade products often show devout and treasure designs, while vintage hand-woven rugs are carefully crafted with high-quality wool and can have very good The visual viewing effect and the use effect have won praise and expectation from many customers。 



5.dustproof carpet

In order to reduce the difficulty of daily cleaning and also have a better decorative effect, many customers will consider purchasing a delicate dust-proof carpet. The straw-made retro dust-proof carpet is designed with great atmosphere and can reduce various harmful effects. The use of dyes and dust-proof carpets are numerous in style, and they can meet the aesthetic needs of different customers.

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