What are the benefits of bamboo fiber towels?

We often use towel products in our lives. A better towel has no irritating effect on our skin. There are many kinds of towels on the market. Among them, bamboo fiber towels are more popular, so What are the benefits of bamboo fiber towels, how to use bamboo fiber towels, and what to pay attention to when buying bamboo fiber towels. Let's take a look at them.

What are the benefits of bamboo fiber towels? 

Antibacterial and antibacterial

The bamboo fiber towel produced is both beautiful and fashionable, and is healthy and environmentally friendly. Such a new type of bamboo fiber towel is in short supply in the market and is also loved by consumers. Careful design and multi-technology processing have created a modern demand for bowel function. Not only that but also effective resistance. Bacteria, which are all derived from bamboo fiber

Water absorption and deodorization

The moisture absorption properties of bamboo fiber towels are unquestionable. Even if it is placed in an airless environment, bamboo fiber towels will not smell bad. It depends entirely on the nature of the bamboo fiber. Do you know this strange function? Bamboo grows up without infecting any small bugs. This is because of bamboo fiber. Therefore, bamboo fiber towels cannot only absorb water quickly but also prevent mildew. It is an excellent advantage.

Refreshing and comfortable

Wipe your face with a bamboo fiber towel. Have you used it? What does it feel like? Anyway, we feel that it is very comfortable. Before wiping your face, wet the bamboo fiber towel, wring it out and gently wipe your face. You will feel comfortable on the face while keeping your face fresh and soft. Even if you don't wash your face with a facial cleanser, bamboo fiber towels can help you wipe the dirt off your face.


Bamboo fiber towel use precautions

1, avoid alkaline

Bamboo fiber towels are stained with oil, shoe polish and other oils. Because these oils are highly corrosive, they should be cleaned with warm water and alkaline detergent. If soap and detergent are used, they should not be washed with hot water. Wash with cooking.

2, can not be used without water

The fiber towel should be wet, avoid dry rubbing, and do not use force when cleaning. Rinse gently with water. Bamboo fiber towel cannot be soaked in water for a long time, but also avoid sun exposure.



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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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