Notre-Dame de Paris

Today, I miss the Notre-Dame de Paris

 More than 200 years ago, under the attention of everyone, the 35-year-old Napoleon put on the crown at Notre Dame de Paris and officially became the emperor of France. His legend was proved in this church, built in 1163 and completed in 1345. But today, watching the legendary Notre Dame, in the midst of a sea of fire, wrote an unspeakable sadness.

Notre-Dame de Paris

On the evening of Monday, Paris time, as usual, the workers who had finished the day’s repairs left the dome of the Notre Dame. But no one expected that the large scaffolding erected on the roof suddenly caught fire, and the yellow smoke suddenly came out, and the fire quickly reached a height of more than ten meters.

In less than an hour, the iconic minaret of the Notre Dame collapsed and the fire reached an unmanageable level.

400 firefighters arrived in succession and mobilized high-pressure water guns to spray water on the roof. Everything is just a drop in the bucket than the raging fire.

Notre-Dame de Paris

In order to preserve the church to the greatest extent possible, the French fire department decided to abandon the use of large airborne bombs, fearing that the moment of precipitation would expose the church's ancient structure to greater trauma.

When people saw the fire, the top of the Notre Dame had fallen into a blood red. Who can expect that this legendary building, which has survived more than 800 years and experienced countless history and survived countless wars, will leave the stage for a fire.

A Parisian citizen standing in the vicinity for a long time smeared tears and said:

"My children and grandchildren are baptized in the Notre Dame. She has experienced the history of this country and witnessed our history. I can't describe my sadness."

At that moment, the live video contained a crying "no" from Paris to the world.

The sorrows and sorrows of human beings are connected at this moment, and the five continents and seven oceans are filled with regret and sorrow.

People on the streets of Paris stop in the fire, kneel down and pray, sing a wish, hope that the church that carries the vicissitudes of life can survive this disaster.

Notre Dame de Paris was built in 1163 and has a history of more than 800 years. It is the most representative Gothic building.

This architectural style also originated from the Kingdom of France in the late Middle Ages: the architects added towering towers, spires and large glass windows to the original Romanesque architecture. Mysterious, mourning, sacred architectural forms.

The previous Romanesque architecture developed from the Roman Empire. It can be said that the bricks and tiles of Notre Dame de Paris represent the Frankish civilization built on the land of Gaul, influenced by Roman culture.

Notre Dame de Paris is like a time capsule, born of classical and medieval culture, witnessing the rise and rise and fall of the French nation. The story of the French nation is also a story of our humanity.

Their loss is the common loss of all mankind.

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