There are FIVE things about towel you don't know

1.When purchasing a bath towel, make sure that the quality of the bath towel is good. See that the coil is thick and tightly woven to obtain maximum water absorption. The thicker the bath towel, the more it consists of more yarn, naturally, the faster the water can be absorbed from the body.

2. The effect of the material on the quality and feel of the towel is most important. Cotton towels have always been the preferred material for towels because of their excellent hand and water absorption. Although they are all pure cotton, there is a huge difference between "ordinary cotton" and "combed cotton".


3. The weight of the flat meter is an important indicator of the quality of the towel. It is calculated as the weight of the towel (g) / the size of the towel (m2). In the case of bath towels, the weight of the flat rice is more than 500, which is thicker and more durable. The weight of the flat rice is more than 550, which is a more excellent bath towel.

4. The size of the towel is basically differentiated according to function. The towels used for cleaning are generally square, face, and bath towels. Nowadays, more and more modern families are laying outside the bathtub in the bathroom or outside the shower room. The dry and thick towel will let you enjoy the foot after bathing.


5. A good towel will not smell. If you smell a candle or ammonia smell when you smell it, it means that there is too much softener in the towel; if it has a sour taste, the pH may exceed the standard; if it has a pungent smell, it means A formaldehyde-containing fixing agent is used, and free formaldehyde is precipitated. These things are highly toxic and can be detrimental to human health and cannot be purchased.

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