The things you must know about the bedding -Fabric

With regard to bedding, the fabric that we can most intuitively feel is the problem that many people will notice. At present, the common bedding fabrics are complicated. From natural fibers such as cotton, linen and silk to manmade fibers such as Modal and Tencel, to various mixed fibers, it is really dazzling  Let me talk about some common fabrics on the market.
1.Natural fibers: substances naturally formed in animals, plants and geological processes
Cotton: Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics we are most exposed to, sweat absorption, moisture absorption, breathability and warmth are very good, and the hand feels delicate and soft and not allergic; the disadvantage is that it is often said to shrink and wrinkle easily.


Flax: Relatively pure cotton fabric, the texture is slightly harder and the hand feels slightly rough, but the linen has good antibacterial and insect repellent ability and water absorption, and it is more durable and more suitable for summer use.

Flax Fabrics

Silk: Well-known high-end fabrics, smooth and delicate, elastic and hygroscopic, are better than pure cotton, known as the "fiber queen." But the relative shortcomings are also obvious, the price is more expensive and easy to hook up, need to be careful.

silk fabric

Rayon: processed fiber
Rayon: The earliest man-made fiber, which appeared in 1884, can be used to imitate silk, cotton or linen. The advantage is that the texture is soft, smooth and easy to color, and the disadvantage is that it is not durable, especially after the water is wet.

Rayon Fabric 

Modal fiber: rayon made of European natural beech wood pulp, which has the good softness and hygroscopicity of the previous rayon, and improves the problem of not being durable before.

Modal fiber

Tencel: a man-made fiber made from softwood pulp. According to the BISFA regulations of the International Manmade Fiber Standards Bureau, as long as the cellulose fiber obtained by the organic solvent spinning process can be called Lyocell, that is, Tencel . Although the texture is slightly inferior to silk, it is also very obvious. It has the comfort and softness of cotton, the stiffness, drape and water absorption are good, and it has excellent antibacterial, anti-mild and anti-wrinkle ability, and it is more convenient to take care of.

Tencel fabric


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