The end of the reunion: I am obsessed with the superhero, said a lie with 11 years

The end of the reunion: I am obsessed with the superhero, said a lie with 11 years

From "Iron Man 1" in 2008 to "Avenger League 4" in 2019, Marvel has 11 years.

After 90, I finally grew up from a child to an adult, but ushered in a sudden farewell to a generation of youth.

In 11 years, we watched Marvel from the birth of the dream, to the climax, to the curtain call.

Looking at the superheroes we thought we could do, we experienced personal setbacks, families fell apart, and the team collapsed.

Marvel Fitch, president of Marvel, said: Heroes are also mortal.

I used to think that the hero is omnipotent and that death is also for rebirth.

It was not until the final chapter of "Reunification 4" that I realized that the superheroes had lied to us for 11 years.

The biggest egg is not the iron hammer of Iron Man, but the 11 years that the Avengers unveiled, hiding their deepest identity:

There are "superheroes", they are just ordinary people who are too similar to us.

Ten years of heroic dreams 

Stanley Lee, the father of Marvel, said: When someone does not hesitate to help others, there is no doubt that this person is a superhero.

Thanks to Marvel for 11 years, it gave the ordinary people a heroic dream 

Let us know that the so-called hero is not a battle machine that is invincible, but a mortal with flesh and blood.

They also have ordinary selfishness, fear, cowardice, and temperiness as you and me; but there are also greatness, kindness, courage, and effort as great as you and me.

The US team is stubborn to death, the reconciliation between the Hulk and the negative self, the regaining of the responsibility of Iron Man, the acceptance of failure by Raytheon, the breakthrough of the Hawkeye in the struggle, the black widow will always pay for others... ...

They are like us who are incompatible with the world, but who are desperately resisting.

Real superheroes are never omnipotent, but know that they can't, but they are still willing to use their own limited, chasing the infinite of their dreams.

1 era, 6 first-generation heroes, 11 years of marvel, countless memories...

We love you more than 3,000 times.

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