baby blanket

The blanket that will breathe, give the baby the warmest and intimate care

Newborn babies need their mother's embarrassment to make them feel warm, comfortable and safe, and gentle squatting can make the frightened, crying baby more difficult to calm down, thus helping them to increase their sleep time in the first few months of life. According to medical evidence, the more stable the sleep state, the stronger the growth hormone of the baby, and thus have good blanket

Gauze blanket-----is a product that can give your baby a warm and comfortable experience. It is also a blanket that can breathe. A good gauze blanket can bring you a lot of benefits, that is, you can make a blanket, you can also make bath towels, baby saliva towels, air-conditioning blankets, breastfeeding towels, climbing mats, etc.

With regard to many gauze blankets on the market, many mothers are also looking dazzled and do not know how to choose. Do some small science for everyone today. Why do foreign goods look more expensive than domestic ones? Why is the same gauze blanket, the price ranges from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, do you want to know the reason?

baby blanket

Such as baby cotton 6-layer gauze blanket, goods such as the outer layer of pure cotton gauze, inside is bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber material is cheap, and it will have a feeling of "staying people" when used. If it is made of 100% bamboo fiber, it feels soft. It has strong water absorption and abrasion resistance, and has antibacterial, deodorizing and anti-UV functions. If it is 100% cotton gauze, because of the different counts, there will be different feels.

Such as Musilin cotton, warm and breathable, suitable for any season, is the purest, simplest and softest, most suitable for baby fabrics. Softness and comfort are higher than normal gauze. It is also a plain weave that allows air to flow freely through a unique weaving technique. In the United States, a Musilin cotton gauze product is 7-8 times that of ordinary cotton gauze.

baby blanket

Therefore, after the above science, you can pay attention to the fabric composition and origin when you choose the gauze blanket.

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