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Share a few home furnishings

Living in North America for many years, I have always been interested in home decoration.
Share this beautiful living room home first, in a vintage country style. Goose-yellow curtains with white lace curtains, warm and romantic, the wall is a European classical flower tapestry, the milky white couch with two classical seats, a window-like bird cage with a fireplace The green plants, both classical and full of life.

Retro home

European classical flower tapestry

The following living room is also super favorite, simple and modern, one wall is full of windows, super bright, the window is green inside the window, the owner also raised two green plants with a few feet high echoed with it, living in it every day in a good mood.

Simple modern home

living room

The house is small, and the home is arranged below, is it also simple and comfortable.

Simple and comfortable home

Cozy sofa

My favorite white kitchen, exquisite tableware shines in the glass window, it is Cinderella's crystal dream.

Exquisite tableware

White kitchen

The following restaurant, I was attracted by the ancient Chinese painting on the wall, combining Chinese and Western, each with its own strengths. The square ceiling light is also reminiscent of the Daming Dynasty.


In a study room, office plus meeting guests, the place where the master culture is cultivated also needs art to set off. Of course, various honorary certificates reflect the professionalism of the owner.


I will share these homes for the time being, and I will have time to continue. I hope everyone likes it.
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