My blanket is half yours: friendship between two dogs

This is the dog Lana, who lives in Brazil.


Although it has only been more than 8 months, it has already understood the meaning of sharing...

Lnna used to be a stray dog and didn't have enough to eat every day. He was brought back to the rescue station by a stranger not long ago.

It’s here, Lana met her "Mother and Dad", Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiance Luiz Olkoski.


When they saw Lana, they especially liked it.Decided to take it home.

Recently, the weather in Brazil has turned slightly cold~ But for Lana, in fact, this cool is quite comfortable.Compared to being in the house, at night it prefers to sleep in your own small nest outside...To make sure Lana is warm,Seulen and Luiz bought a blanket for Lana.

Early the next morning, when Luiz went out to work, he found such a scene...

Lana dragged the blanket outside his nest and shared the blanket with the other stray dog, across the guardrail of the house.


Warm, sleep sweet...

seulen said that she had seen the poor dog near her home the day before, and she wanted to go forward and take a closer look, but it quickly ran away...

But Lana seems to be a natural friend with it, thinking about it at night, and buying new blankets, so they will not be cold...


It’s more than Seulen. The warm move of dog Lana reminds us not?

Sharing, it’s so simple,

A little bit of goodwill can produce endless power~

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