Is there any way to identify the linen cotton?

1. Look: Pure cotton fabrics have no aurora. Use two hands to flatten the fabric and apply a certain amount of tension. The fabric is at a 45-degree angle to the light source. Look at the light source for any glare and flashes of light. If there is, it proves that there is chemical fiber.
2.Touch: Pure cotton fabric feels full and thick, looks like the same thickness of fabric, pure cotton feels very firm and tendon, chemical fiber is soft, loose, no tendon.
3.Pinching: There are obvious wrinkles after knitting in pure cotton. After folding the fabric in half with nails, there is a clear fold line, but there is no wrinkle in the chemical fiber fabric.
4.Burn: draw from the seam of clothing, skein of yarn, cotton fibers are not melted and shrunk, burn immediately after contact, the smell of burning paper when burning, and then as fine and soft gray black or gray floc ash , No coke.


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