flannel blanket

Is the flannel quilt good for the body?

In terms of health, the flannel density is relatively large and relatively heavy, but the hair is relatively thin and dense, and it is not easy to fall off. So it is relatively healthy to cover. Nowadays, the best bedding is not necessarily the most expensive brand. It should be the most natural, greenest and healthiest. In fact, the most basic principle of choosing bedding is green health, which can make you sleep well.


When used, the flannel quilt cover is more delicate and comfortable to use. The flannel fabric is made by blending the wool with the original color before weaving. The wool is blended and weaved. It is made of twill weave and plain weave. At the same time, it has been softened by the process of fluffing and napping. The flannel fabric is thicker, the flannel feels more delicate and soft, and the thickness and warmth of the fabric are also enhanced.


The flannel quilt cover looks very beautiful, the color is generous, the flannel color is pure, the color is light gray, medium gray and dark gray. It is more suitable for the spring and autumn men's tops and trousers. For dyeing, there are mainly black and white mixed colors with different shades of gray or light brown and milky white. Today's flannel fabrics also have a pattern of dyed plain and plaid, striped and other patterns. This flannel quilt looks very nice.
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