Baby washcloths

Is the baby towel cotton or gauze? How many do you need?

Is the baby towel cotton or gauze? How many do you need?

The baby's skin is very delicate and delicate. The cotton towel used on the baby's skin will not have devastating effects and irritation on the baby. Two pieces can be prepared. For the gauze towel, the gauze material is easy to use, absorbs water, and is softer. Compared to pure cotton, gauze is the only one.

If it is for newborns, it is recommended to use gauze material. It is advisable to prepare five or six items in quantity. One washes his face, one washes his ass. When feeding, when you wash your buttocks, you can use them, so it is good to have more spares.

baby washcloths

There are many kinds of gauze towels in the classification, carded bubble yarn saliva towel, combed bubble yarn saliva towel, different characteristics of saliva towel characteristics and characteristics. After the water is washed, the bubble is more fluffy and breathable. The combed bubble gauze towel is not very noticeable after washing the bubble, but the fabric is more delicate than the card. Bao Ma can choose according to their own preferences.

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