Infant and children's home textiles need to be good quality

Infant and child products are usually concentrated and unified sales, lacking industry segmentation. In the children's products area of major shopping malls, the proportion of children's wear and toys sold far exceeds that of infant and young home textile products.

The person in charge of shopping malls said that it is not that the shopping malls do not pay attention to infant and child textiles. It is because there are not a few brands specializing in this field. Famous brands such as Liyingfang cover all the baby products, from clothing to home textiles to bottles and other daily necessities. Shopping mall counter salesmen are often asked by consumers, where they can buy more baby bedding. Because the choice of products offered by the mall is small, and usually the price is high, some parents choose to buy fabrics.

In the field of home textile professional market, mature home textile brands with good reputation and large market share are rarely invested in the production of infant home textile products.


A few years ago, some brands had produced crib products for a short period of time. However, due to low returns, they have quietly withdrawn from the field. Since then, there has been no competition for many children in the home textile market.

In fact, infant and young home textile products have a large market demand. Yang Zhaohua, president of the China National Textile Association, said that there are 6 million newborns born each year in China. Because the baby's skin is delicate and fragile, there are many kinds of quilts and pillows needed. Some families even need to prepare more than ten kinds of home textile products for a baby. It includes sleeping bags of various sizes, blankets of various materials, quilts, and pillows of various inner cores suitable for the baby's head development at different times. A set of these products will cost thousands of dollars, so the annual baby textile market should have sales of 2.5 billion yuan.

In fact, it is not difficult to enter the baby textile market. As long as you grasp the quality, consumers will naturally be willing to pay for the products

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