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Improve sleep quality and get back to "deep sleep" in 3 minutes

With the accelerated pace of modern life, excessive stress has caused insomnia to be the daily routine of many people. According to research, more than 40 million people suffer from declining sleep quality due to prolonged anxiety and depression, and even long-term insomnia affects daily life.

In the field of occupational therapy in the United States, a product called "heavy carpet" has been popular. The main feature is that the weight of the blanket applied to the human body is more than 10% of the body weight. Investigations have shown that aggravated blankets have a general effect of relieving anxiety and relaxing, and can improve the quality of sleep in people with insomnia.

The gravity blanket independently developed by Hangzhou Weishi Textile Co., Ltd. is such a product. Like other quilts, it has a soft and comfortable touch and meticulous workmanship, but it is not the same as it is mainly for people who are under pressure and are insomnia and depression. It provides stress and sensory input for individuals with autism depression and insomnia or other illnesses, can be used as a tool to calm the mood or help deep sleep, thereby relieving stress.

Why is the gravity blanket so amazing?

Its magic is actually full of scientific evidence. It provides a stimulus called Deep Pressure Touch. It is a high-density plastic particle blanket designed from the perspective of a “deep-pressure touch-stimulation” treatment designed to relax the nervous system and inhibit the body's stress hormones by raising the pressure on the body surface. After a series of scientific experiments, it not only helps to improve the levels of serotonin and melatonin, but also helps people to enter the high-quality sleep state faster. It can also be used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. And to alleviate the discomfort that indirect stress and long-term anxiety bring to people. Studies have shown that deep touch pressure can reduce heart rate and respiratory rate, and promote the body's natural secretion of serotonin and endorphin.

The last thing to note is that the gravity blanket looks like a light and thin one. Actually, it is really weighty. Among the five different weight scale products, the lightest one is 2.3 kg, and the heaviest one has reached 11.5 kg. However, the gravity blanket uses a special filling process, which allows the weight to sink naturally like running water. After the quilt is covered, the surface of the body seems to be gently pressed every square centimeter, as if surrounded by countless hands. According to some people who have used it, sleeping with it, there is a feeling of returning to the baby age and being embraced by parents.

We are just a dust in this city, but at the same time it is also the main force of a family. If insomnia becomes a long-term enemy, it may bring more enemies, such as diseases. Every time I am too busy to breathe, when I am busy losing myself, I will look at the ceiling, take care of my emotions, and then put on a gravity blanket to give myself a high quality sleep. In the winter, I imagined that there was snow outside. The heating burned the house warmly. You hid in the warm gravity blanket and smelled the horn. I hope you can sleep well like me. good night

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