IKEA is not unusual, but it must be combined with someone else’s name.

When it comes to IKEA, people tend to ignore one thing. It is the largest home furnishing company in the world and the largest design company in the home furnishing industry.。

In the face of last year's more famous Frakta handbags, Ikea felt that instead of letting you spoof the joint name, it is better for me to go out a few paragraphs. Anyway, I have money and know how to design~



Handshake with old enemies and HAY × IKEA

Conservative IKEA should start with the most familiar opponents even if they are joint. HAY was a furniture brand that was established in 2002. It took only a dozen years to open the store to the rest of the world.

Also from Northern Europe, HAY's design is more youthful, with low color saturation and smooth lines. The news of the joint name of IKEA and HAY last year almost broke the ins and major home media. They named the joint product line "YPPERLIG".



"YPPERLIG" products have a distinct HAY style, but the price is the same as that of IKEA's similar products. Since the launch, sales have been stable and popular, and it has to be said to be a good start. 

You can't buy a series with money. Tom Dixon × IKEA

Tom Dixon's style is very prominent, it is difficult to describe it in one sentence, but at a glance it is Tom Dixon~

The ghost designer and a series of sofas launched by IKEA were named "Delaktig Hacks" and were just released last month. This series can be said to be very heart-warming, Tom Dixon's personal style is very obvious, not at all perfunctory.


This series currently has two solid sofas, three black and white striped sofas and three black sofas.

Its design highlight is "modular", the sofa itself is standard, you can choose other accessories to make it more personalized. Accessories include side tables, magazine racks, back panels and spotlights, electro-optic blue plush covers, and more.


After checking out the joint name and public welfare project of IKEA in 2017, I suddenly felt that the furniture brand that I usually only remember when I moved was greatly increased. Among so many joint-name products, XY is looking forward to Byredo × IKEA perfume. What about you? Also want to see those brands and IKEA to fit? Let's share your opinion in the comment area~


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