minky couture blankets

I want give you a warm blanket

I still remember those days when New York was snowing, but the good news is that those cold days have passed. Although you can't see the snow, it will still be a bit cold. It doesn't need heating, it doesn't open the air-conditioning heater, but it's just a little chilly, it's easy to make people feel depressed.


At this time, if you wear a velvet pajamas, There is a warm blanket in your house, holding a cup of hot coffee in your hand, and opening a novel to read it. I think that is the most comfortable things in the world .
This faux mink fur blanket is big enough to keep you whole leg warmly .  

faux mink blanket

But is it just used as a blanket? No, It is part of the home decor, It is also personal taste.
In fact, the clever use of blankets and carpets can inadvertently push the home to a new level. For example, your sofa may be very old and broken, and a blanket is laid, and there is a different mood in an instant.


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