I think that it will make me sleep well before going to bed every day, then I will lose sleep.

I think that it will make me sleep well before going to bed every day, then I will lose sleep.

I want this blanket every day... I miss my thoughts when I think about it...
gravity blanket


Gravity blankets have been selling well in the US. Why is it so good to sell, where is it?


As the name suggests, the “gravity blanket” is sinking, designed according to 7-12% of the body weight. The subtlety of it is that putting a weighted blanket doesn't make you feel oppressed. The size of the weighted blanket (122cm*183cm) will cover the entire body of the person, covered by a large, heavy blanket, like being hugged

gravity blanket

Relieve anxiety

The Weighted blanket uses a "deep contact pressure stimulation therapy" for the human skin degree structure. After the gravity blanket is covered, the mesh stitching ensures that the inner beads of the blanket are evenly distributed on the body surface, and the body is gently placed every square centimeter. Press to improve sleep, improve mood, and relax your purpose~
Moreover, it can effectively inhibit the body's stress hormones; it can also improve the body's sleep serotonin and melatonin.
Melatonin improves sleep and shortens wake-up time and sleep time. Severin levels also affect sleep. When the serotonin levels in the brain are reduced, the problems are irritability, anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain and restlessness.

gravity blanket
Sleep better and sink more

Most of the feedback comes from the tester, and people who have slept ta said:

 "The whole body feels comfortable as if taking the ibuprofen liquid soft capsule"

gravity blanket
 "My normal sleep time is about 45 minutes, I used a gravity blanket to feel less than 7 minutes and fell asleep."

 "The biggest use for me is to bury myself under this blanket after the night."

 "After covering it for a few nights, I think I am a little addicted"

The exterior of the gravity blanket is made of luxurious ultra-soft micro-fleece. The inner core is 100% cotton. It is filled with high-density plastic odorless, non-toxic, food-grade granules. It does not lint or generates static electricity. The environmental protection printing and dyeing technology do not fade, it is easy to clean, and the inner layer can be directly taken out into the washing machine.

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