How to wash cotton bedding without shrinking?

Many people have been troubled by this problem: cotton bedding or clothes are easy to shrink, especially like bedding products.Size was appropriate when we purchasen it,But when we wash it , It will be not match with our bed,So. It is important to slove this problem? I hope this essay can help you .
1.Will cotton shrink?
Pure cotton must shrink, any material with good water absorption will shrink; If you use polyester, it will not shrink, because he does not absorb water.

cotton bedding

 2.what do you need paying attention in the washing ?
  • You need read the Washing standard which will tell you what you how to wash your beedding .
  • Don’t soak the cotton for too long.This long-term soaking will not only decontaminate, but will allow the stain to be absorbed by the fiber, but it will not be cleaned, and the fabric shrinkage will be damaged, resulting in excessive shrinkage.
  • Don’t wash cotton in high temperature water.A lot of dirty heat can not only be cleaned, but also may cause permanent dirt. And high temperature is easy to damage clothing or bed shrinkage
  • Do not expose cotton fabrics to exposure.
  • Washing pure cotton can add some softener to reduce water shrinkage.
 3.what can we do if the cotton shrink?
You can use the iron to shape the method. Place the clothes or bedding on the floor, pull on the cotton clothing or bedding, and set the shape with an electric iron so that the shrunk part can be restored to its original size.


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