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How to maintain the bath towel?

It is difficult to buy the same bath towel. What is more difficult is how to maintain the bath towel.
We use towels every day, do you know the secrets about it ?
Most types of bath towels retain moisture between the yarn.
The cotton bath towel directly absorbs water into the fiber, which makes the cotton bath towel have better water absorption.
So when you buy a bath towel, It is better to choose a bath towel with cotton fiber.
In addition ,there are more benefits
 For example, bath towels made of cotton will be softer and more comfortable to use.Better than bamboo fiber will not shine, better use.

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So how to choose the best bath towel ?
You need to know whether the coil is compact , The more compact strong, The more water absorption well. You can judge it from its weight.  If it more than the 90-100g , that will be speed up the water absorption.

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To keep the bath towel soft, use half of the recommended amount of laundry detergent. Do not pour the laundry liquid directly onto the bath towel. This may cause the laundry liquid to remain on the bath towel, reducing its softness. It is recommended to use a neutral detergent solution. Do not use chlorinated detergent liquids with bleaching properties. Select washing products when washing towels and bath towels, do not blindly clean.
Use more bath towels, do not put it in the bathroom, because the bathroom itself is not ventilated, it is not good for towels, and the bathroom is a place for bacteria to breed, so when you dry the towel, you should choose ventilation, sunny place~!

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