How to clean the ice silk mat??

Ice silk mat has the effect of silky, cool, breathable and skin-friendly. It is a must-have household item for many families in the summer, but the price of a ice silk mat is more than several hundred yuan. If it is well maintained, it can extend its service life.


Ice silk mat is a fiber product, so it can be washed with water. If it is newly bought, wash it directly with water. If it is put out for a season, just take it out and wash it with a little detergent. The ice silk mat can be washed by hand, of course, it can also be washed by a washing machine, and the washing mode is chemical fiber. However, it is recommended to use hand wash.



Clean the ice silk mat, you can dry in a dry and ventilated place, it is best not to let the sun shine for a long time.


The ice silk mat that has just been used will have many creases. At this time, you can use an iron to iron it. The iron mode should also be adjusted to the chemical fiber mode to prevent the temperature from being too high to iron the surface. When not in use, store it in a dry cabinet. When it is easy to mold, take it out and dry it.

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