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How to clean cotton quilt?

Our cotton quilt cleaning method is very special, it is not what you know about washing cotton quilts with water. Some people may see from some TV shows, soak the cotton quilt with clean water and pour it into the washing powder. This is not feasible and will damage the original function of the quilt.

Generally, the weather is good in winter, and the sunny weather is good. We will see a lot of family women, take out the cotton quilt at home and expose it to the quilt. After the break, we will use a hard stick of wooden sticks to beat the quilt. It not only restores the warmth and bulkiness of cotton quilts, but also effectively sterilizes cotton quilts.

cotton quilt

Cotton quilt maintenance method

1. When the cotton is being processed, the worker master can ask him to add a layer of gauze after he has pulled the bottom line. However, it is not recommended to wear the needle. Instead, the quilt needs to be carefully wrapped with special gauze. It is ok to sew four corners. The successful quilt is not only beautiful, but also not easy to damage, and it is easy to keep the cotton quilt clean.


2, the cotton quilt has good moisture absorption and breathability, but it is more susceptible to moisture, so it is necessary to dry frequently, but it should be noted that the new quilt does not need to the sun, because the first step in the purchase of cotton is to ask for cotton. It must be completely dried. The process of making a quilt is a process of removing moisture, dust, fluff, and forming.


3, cotton quilt must be put on the quilt when using, so that not only can ensure the cotton fiber thickness of the word but also can prevent the core from being stained by the stain, when you directly clean the quilt, if you are not careful Decontamination, remember to wipe off the stain with a damp cloth dipped in neutral soapy water.

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