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How to buy home textiles?

Comfortable home textiles not only can decorate the home, but also give a warm feeling. So, how can we choose a home textile with relatively high-cost performance?

Fabric: the purchase of home textile products should first check the quality of the fabric, the quality of the fabric is first and foremost the thickness and density of the yarn. Because the higher the density of the cloth, the better the quality of the cotton, the softer the hand, the more lustrous, and the higher the production process requirements. Therefore, the higher the density of the fabric, the better the quality of the fabric, the better the product. Shows a noble, luxurious and elegant atmosphere. The uniform density of fabrics of qualified products of regular manufacturers is generally: 75*75, 133*7.


Filling material: Filling material is an important part of the sanitary protection and warmth, breathability and durability of home textile products. Such as wool, down and cotton, no impurities, no odor; and fake and inferior products are mixed with inferior chemical fiber, or the use of ordinary acrylic cotton, this product is not smooth, not soft, poor bulk, poor breathability . At present, some home textile products on the market are hand-made cotton-like or spray-coated styling fibers. As the use time is extended, the fiber elastic loss is crushed and shrinks and agglomerates. The peripheral angle of the product is easy to remove cotton.

Process: (1) Stitch: regular factory workmanship process is exquisite, smooth, no needle eye, flat seam stitching is generally 10-12 needles / 3CM, while fake and inferior products have long line traces, pinholes are obvious, stitches are not dense Even and so on. (2) Pattern: Select the upper product should pay attention to the integrity and consistency of the pattern. If the left and right sides of the seam are symmetric, the face and the lining pattern are not reversed, and the stripes and the lattice are symmetrical and opposite. (3) Quilting: The pattern is even; the track should be smooth and there is no wrinkle cloth.


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