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How often do the sheets change

1. Spring and Autumn Festival: Change every two weeks

In spring, the temperature rises obviously, and many bacteria grow with the temperature gradually. In autumn, it is just from summer when the season changes. The bacteria are also multiplying. It affects daily physical health, so it is most suitable to change it every two weeks in spring and autumn.

2. Summer: change once a week

In the hot summer, it is the time for bacteria to breed. Because of the hot weather, the frequency of perspiration will increase, making the sheets covered with dirt faster. In addition, the dust in the air in summer is also very serious, resulting in sheets. Dirty covers are more likely to get dirty. In summer, it is best to change the sheets and quilts once a week to keep them fresh and clean every day.

3. Winter: change once a month

In the cold winter, it is obvious that the frequency of changing the bed sheet cover will slow down. In winter, the temperature is relatively low, and the bacteria are relatively difficult to grow. Therefore, the bedding can be used longer. The most suitable time is, of course, sometimes you can decide according to your preferences.

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