How long can the bath towel in the bathroom not be cleaned?


Many people think that it is normal to change the bath towel once a week, because after the shower, the body is clean and fresh, and the bath towel used to wipe the body will not be dirty. However, this is not the case. The skin tissue of the human body will be replaced with a new one in a month, so there will be countless dead skin cells in the bath towel that is dried after bathing. In addition, the fungal bacteria on the skin cannot be water. All washed away, it will be transferred to the bath towel when wiping the body. In addition, the secretions in the privacy area will also go to the bath towel. This is not finished yet, the bathroom is often the most humid and warm place in the home, and the rich nutrition of the dead skin tissue is very suitable for mold breeding.

But don't panic, keep the sanitary napkins far from the high-tech, just make small changes to improve the cleanliness of the bath towels. Experts recommend hanging the bath towels in a completely dry place, in addition, open the window or bathroom. The ventilation device speeds up the air circulation and reduces the humidity of the air. If the smell of the bath towel is smelled, it is not the natural taste, but the taste of the mold. It is recommended that the bath towel should not be used more than three times, and it should be washed with warm water every time, preferably with a corresponding color of bleach. With these steps, you can use your bath towel to worry about your body.

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