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How can the home textile industry effectively increase the added value of products?

The essence of market competition is the competition for the target consumers' time, energy and financial resources. In the home textile industry, in order to make consumers become their loyal brand consumer groups, the pure product technology level competition and price competition have been poor, the key It is to improve the comprehensive added value of its products and brands. But now many production-oriented companies ignore this and often let themselves fall into the abyss of competition in the Red Sea.

So, how can we effectively increase the added value of home textile products?

Diversification of materials

The use of materials in the field of contemporary home textiles is increasingly inclined to return to the concept of returning to nature, while designers are increasingly favoring natural fibers. Cotton products are the most widely used, followed by natural fibers such as hemp, silk and wool. Such as the use of 100% Egyptian cotton spinning into 300 yarns or even 420 yarns made of cotton satin jacquard bedding, Christmas pattern children's sheets and other fine products have been launched; silk bedding, silk hair interwoven sofa cloth also frequently appeared; Pure cotton and silk products in enamel fabrics always have a place.

Home textile

Design innovation functionalization

With the improvement of people's quality of life and the improvement of the technology level of the textile industry, home textiles not only need to be filled with the atmosphere of the times, but also blend noble and elegant, gorgeous and plain, delicate and simple, and emphasize the comfort and health in the function. Environmental protection.

At present, most domestic textile companies widely use the latest technologies in the world, such as ultra-soft, anti-bacterial, anti-static and anti-static, to meet the needs of the international market and improve their international competitiveness. At the same time, there are also many domestic textiles and new strengths through the observation of the market and the analysis of consumer sleep pain points, innovative research and development of various products, widely praised by the market, and constantly open the road of the new blue ocean

Color matching fashion

Modern people pay more attention to lifestyle, and their decoration concepts and tastes are also changing. From the re-decoration (hard decoration) to the heavy decoration (soft decoration), the knowledge level, cultural accomplishment, artistic position and social status of the room owner It is also often reflected in the color and style of the home textile products.

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