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Flannel PK coral fleece Which kind of blanket is better?


Flannel is a wool fabric woven from carded cotton yarn with a suede surface and a soft material. Nowadays, the domestically produced flannel is made of the mixed-color carded yarn using the woven textile technology. The inside has a layer of fine velvet, which is soft and smooth.

Coral Fleece

Coral velvet is made from polyester fiber. Because the fiber density of polyester is relatively high, the suede produced is coral-like, hence the name


 The difference between flannel and coral fleece

  • The flannel fabric is made by dyeing the raw material wool and then blending with the original color wool. In the manufacturing process, we use the weaving technique of twill and flat weave, and also through the process of fluffing and napping, and finally produce the discharged product. The suede is soft and compact. The raw material for the manufacture of coral velvet is polyester fiber. After heating, deformation, cooling, shaping and other processes to form suede, the production technology has been continuously improved in recent years, and the coral velvet fabric has more colors and styles for consumers to choose.
  • The raw materials for flannel and coral fleece are different. Compared with polyester fiber, wool has better softness, and the woven fabric has a tighter feel, and the thickness is higher than that of polyester fiber.

The flannel and coral fleece which is better?

  • Hair loss problem: The flannel is fine and dense, and the coral fleece is relatively thick and sparse; therefore, the coral fleece is easy to lose hair, while the flannel is not.
  • warmth performance: flannel fabric is thicker, the weight is much larger than coral fleece, but the warmth performance is not as good as coral fleece, and it is thicker than coral fleece, and the flannel may be deformed after cleaning. ball.
  • feel: flannel suede is soft and smooth, and the surface of coral fleece has coral fluffy small particles.
  •  Pattern: The pattern on the surface of the flannel is clear and bright, while the pattern on the surface of the coral fleece is very blurred.
  •  the price: flannel is wool products, and advanced technology, so the price is higher than coral fleece.

In general, the feel, comfort and aesthetics of the flannel are better than coral fleece, but the price of the coral fleece is lower and the warmth is better. Consumers must consider their own needs when considering their needs.

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