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Fish and Shark

Someone has experimented with placing one of the fiercest sharks and a group of tropical fish in the same pool and separating them with tempered glass.

shark blanket

Initially, the sharks continually collided with the invisible glass every day. It was just futile. It never went to the opposite side. The experimenter put some squid in the pool every day, so the shark did not lack prey, but it still When I think of the opposite, I still continually collide with the glass every day. It tries every corner, every time I use all my strength, but every time I always get scarred, and I have ruptured my bleeding several times. On some days, whenever the glass cracked, the experimenter immediately added a thicker glass.

Later, the sharks no longer collided with the glass, and they no longer care about the colorful tropical fish, as if they were just murals moving on the wall, it began to wait for the squid that would appear every day, and then used its agile instinct to hunt. It seems to be back to the fierce domineering in the sea, but all this is just an illusion.

shark blanket

At the final stage of the experiment, the experimenter took the glass away, but the shark did not respond. He was still swimming in a fixed area every day. It not only turned a blind eye to those tropical fish, but even when the squid fled there, he immediately Give up chasing and say nothing about it 

The experiment is over, the experimenter laughs that it is the weakest fish in the sea, but people who have lost love know why, it is afraid of pain.

shark blanket

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