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Don’t just know IKEA, these Nordic home brands are better

There is a wind blowing, its name is "minimalism." The ideal minimalist life we can imagine, there is an area that can never be avoided, is the Nordic home.

The Nordic people have an irreplaceable natural atmosphere that creates harmony between man and nature, and is known for its simplicity. The delicate lines and detailed treatment methods do not sacrifice the functionality of the products under the simplicity. Instead, they are just right for the simple and complete, creating a quiet Nordic style.

Nordic home brands

Nordic home has a kind of quiet and elegant beauty, which makes people want to move. Let me tell you today, in addition to IKEA, the Nordic home brand with both value and taste!


In Finland, Arabia is synonymous with ceramics. It is not only the royal brand of the Prime Minister's official residence, but also the national food of Finland. Born in 1873, Arabia is definitely the oldest ceramic brand in Finland.

Nordic home brands

The innate traditional Finnish temperament gives this brand with a history of nearly 150 years a strong natural atmosphere. Its products are simple, practical and fresh in color.

Nordic home brands

There are no hard lines in the shape, and all kinds of transitions are arc-shaped. The decoration is extremely simple, it looks clean and translucent, even if it is only the daily utensils porcelain is designed very evenly, avoiding some sharp angles, often very round, full, harmonious, low-key, even so human design, no loss of function.

Nordic home brands

Not only that, but Arabia also integrates into the daily lives of ordinary residents, and because of the quality, every single item can be used for a lifetime.

Broste Copenhagen

Broste Copenhagen, which originated in 1955, has a long-standing reputation in the Nordic design circle. Compared to HAY, Mutto, Broste Copenhagen may be the one that truly interprets Scandinavian design.

Nordic home brands 

Broste Copenhagen's design is based on a rustic and natural style, closer to the original Nordic. His designers traveled around the country to find the most suitable materials and inspirations from around the world. So in their products, you can feel the blue of the sea, the green of the grass. Although simple, it does not lose the poetry and beauty of life.Nordic home brand

Many of his family's tableware retain the texture and texture of the material itself, and there is a feeling of "natural".

The textiles of their homes, especially the pillows, are especially famous, and they strive to make true and natural colors.


Bolia is a young brand that was founded in Denmark in 1999. If IKEA is a popular lover of Nordic style lovers, then Bolia is the new darling of the pursuit of elegance, comfort and modern Nordic style home control, taking the "high cold" route, so it is even more niche.

As Bolia's official website claims – we make furniture, but we are not an ordinary furniture company, we are more like a design company, with creativity as the core of all actions.

Bolia, defined as "New Nordic", bears the brunt of comfort and functionality. It draws its essence from the traditional Nordic style and blends with the international pop elements. In the traditional, see the modern, see the color in black and white, and see the high quality in the details. 

Nordic home brand

There are still many good home furnishing brands in Northern Europe. We will continue to introduce them in the future. At present, most of these brands have not yet entered China, and the small partners who want to start can use the official website or purchase.

These design-oriented household items are just a treat! Slow down the pace of life and keep a simple life. Even if you don't go far, you can turn your life into poetry.

If you also like Nordic design, don't share your favorite brands.





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