Weighted blanket

Does your dog need a weighted blanket?

Have you ever thought that your dog is also suffering from sleepless? 

There is a lot of scientific research to provide that using weight and pressure to relieve stress and anxiety is useful for human.

Is it also same as Dog? 

It may surprise you to know the practice of using weight and pressure to relieve stress and anxiety began with animals, not humans. Temple Grandin, an animal behavior expert, author, and well-known autism advocate suggested using a specific kind of pressured chute for cattle to calm them during veterinary procedures, and even at slaughterhouses. She observed that chutes designed to immobilize them tended to calm them down as well.

the purpose of applying a calming deep pressure to the sides of the livestock. It was only after she tried using the same techniques on herself, building a human squeeze machine to calm her own anxiety, that she began her research on deep pressure’s effect on students with autism.

Another animal that seems to find outside pressure relaxing is the cat. Cats will curl up in the smallest possible space. A trophy cup, a salad bowl, a purse, anything a cat can barely fit into, is where they want to be. A tight space conserves heat and hides them from potential predators.  And for any animal born into a litter, where they were once part of a jumbled, intertwined mass of fur, close quarters are associated with the nursery, or in the case of dogs, the den.


Weighted blanket


Dogs  Anxieties 

Some dogs are more nervous than others, and if your dog is generally stressed, without any clear indication of the trigger, then a trip to the vet should absolutely be your first stop. A dog that seems upset could just as easily be sick or in pain, so ruling that out is important. Typically dogs are stressed by specific things, most often noise, separation, and travel.

City Noise.

As we all know, The dog didn’t live in the city in the past. The human takes them into the city. So they need to face a lot of noisy that be created by trains, subways, crowds of people who are not from nature where they should have lived. So they will be more nervous.

Loud temporary noises

Noise from fireworks, vacuums, and thunderstorms are a different case, and this is where weighted blankets for dogs can be so helpful. Noises that are intense, unusual and scheduled allow you to plan ahead and weighted blankets are an ideal way to help your pet ride out the festivities from the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve or other celebrations. Before the fireworks start, sit down with your dog, cover him with the blanket, and get him settled in.


Separation anxiety is a common problem for dogs. Some breeds, in particular, don’t like being away from you. German and Australian Shepherds, Labrador retrievers, bichon frises, border collies, and spaniels tend to particularly hate separation. If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety he may cling to you when you are around, and bark or chew when you are gone.


Weighted blanket


Why a weighted blanket? 

Weighted blankets are a simpler, safer and cheaper treatment for anxiety in dogs than just about anything else you might try.





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