Date with beach in this summer

We are suffering the hottest summer now.

 Beach Towel

Many countries temperature have broken the the recorder of highest temperature in the nearly decades

The highs will be the result of climate change caused by rising levels of greenhouse gases from human activity as well as modest warming from the El Nino weather phenomenon in the Pacific, which pushes up temperatures.

Forecasts issued by the Met Office at the end of 2017 for global temperatures this year were closely in line with what has been seen in 2018

The forecasters predicted around 1C of warming, and estimates for January to October are showing temperatures around 0.96C above pre-industrial levels.

The predictions of a close-to-record hot year is the latest in the warming trend the world has seen in recent years

 Beach Towel


But, even in this terrible weather. No one can make me give up the sports.

 Beach Towel


So the best choice is to go to the beach .dive into the sea. You are fish at that moment and you don’t need to endure this terrible weather anymore

 Beach Towel


But Don’t forget a nice beach towel to protect your skin.

 Beach Towel

Have a nice beach trip

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