China Textile City: Home textile market turnover increase

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Recently, the sales volume of China Textile City's home textile market has increased, and the sales of curtain screens have been smooth. As far as the overall market is concerned, some small and medium-sized business households still have an insufficient turnover in the past few days, but the sales of polyester filament curtain fabrics, window screens, sofa fabrics, and some home furnishing fabrics have increased in part, and some cloth companies and large-scale operators have been marketing. Go straight.

In the recent market, the spot market volume of curtain fabrics, window screens, sofa fabrics, and other home furnishing fabrics has increased locally. Some small and medium-sized business households still have insufficient sales. Most of the large-scale operation stores have rebounded, and small-scale multi-variety flower types have been sold. Local increments, spot transaction batches, and batch batches increase locally. In the traditional market, some of the front-and-back factory-style cloth companies and large-scale sales of curtain fabrics and window-grid counterparts have been packaged and sold in large quantities, and are shipped in the traditional market and peripheral warehouses and factories. Recently, the curtain fabrics are thick and multi-faceted with light jacquard and color fabrics, light jacquard printing varieties, spot transactions, small batches, multi-varietal color patterns, dispersive sales, mainly curtain fabrics, thicker, new yarn-dyed, jacquard varieties, There are various types of light jacquard printing varieties, cationic jacquard or jacquard printing.


In the past few days, some large-scale sales of shop screens have been sold in batches, and there are still packages for delivery. Partial increase in the number of jacquard and embroidered window screening counterparts. There are many varieties of multi-process window screens that are ordered by counterparts, and they are shipped with small and medium-sized orders. In the traditional market, many varieties of window screens have rebounded in different degrees. Some of the purchased varieties continue to have goods from counterparts, and the domestic market demand for new and old varieties of window screens has increased locally. The sales of new varieties of small-sized varieties and small varieties have increased slightly. In some large-scale operation stores, the volume of large-volume transactions has increased, but the sales of some small and medium-sized business households are still insufficient.

Recently, foreign trade orders for new and old curtain fabrics, window screens and other decorative fabrics have also increased slightly. The volume and batch of new fabrics have also increased slightly. Some woven and knitted polyester filament curtain fabrics, window screens and accounts. The sales of crepe, sofa fabrics and yarn-dyed decorative velvets fluctuated slightly.



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