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Change a blanket to welcome the summer


The harmony between the local decoration of the home environment and the overall style has a major impact on the physiological functions of the human body. Reasonable deployment can make people happy. It’s already late in the spring, and it’s about to enter the summer. Are you still wearing a thick quilt? Do you want to change the leisure blanket to spend the summer!


Deep - gray

In the bedroom, the gray is not gorgeous enough, not bright enough, but it is more flexible than black, more texture than white, no matter what style of your home decoration, gray bed cover plus a few tones of coordinated pillows, leisure blankets, can Very good highlights the low-key, luxury connotation.


Youth - white

Pure and elegant white, has been used by many people as the preferred color for home decoration. The feeling of simplicity and the atmosphere is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, pure and pure! The four-piece white set is scented with blue and purple, reflecting the vitality of youth!


Elegant - blue

The blue in the room is a kind of tranquility and elegance, giving a fresh and elegant feeling. In this room, you may feel a deep feeling, put a few yellow-gray pillows and white blankets. Not a more elegant atmosphere!

In our lives, bedding products may not be so full. Don't think that there are a bunch of useless beds on the bed. In fact, these bedding products have their own magical effects!

At the end of spring, the temperature difference between day and night is large. There are several kinds of leisure blankets of different thickness and different fabrics for different temperature requirements!


  the late spring, tiredness is hard to stop. The bedroom is small, but it is often the space we stayed all day long. Who does not want to have a warm and comfortable bed after a hard day's work to spend the long night's sleep time? In the spring and summer season, it is suitable for a good night's sleep in the hot and cold season and lazy on the weekend. A bed is also a wonderful thing.

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