Can you image the how hot Europe is ?

Can you image the how hot Europe is ?

There is a popular saying in Europe: “the heatwave is every year, this year is particularly hot

Although the European media says the “hottest summer” or”Warning! Thousands of people have lost their lives because of the hot weather! “every year.

But,This year is not the same, this year's news is  "Hell is coming!" So how hot it was in the past, this year is really HOT!

For examples:

PARIS — A historic heat wave inflicted life-threatening temperatures on Europe and shattered all-time highs in multiple countries Thursday.

Paris registered a jaw-dropping 108.7 degrees, according to Météo-France, the national weather service, breaking the record of 104.7 degrees set in 1947.

Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands all saw new national records Thursday, beating highs set just the day before — with the Netherlands exceeding 104 degrees for the first time on record.

Britain came just shy of its record. The Met Office in Cambridge, England, measured 100.6 degrees Thursday. And London experienced its hottest July day on record, with a temperature of 100.2.

Those temperatures may not seem shocking by the standards of many regions in the United States, but in Europe, where air conditioning is relatively uncommon, they can be deadly.

“No one is safe in such temperatures,” said Agnès Buzyn, France’s health minister. “This is the first time that this affects departments in the north of the country . . . populations that are not accustomed to such heat.”

No Air Condition. So How the smart European to against hot wave?

  1. Fan

Blowing the fan is the most effective method.

However, buying a fan in Europe in the summer not only requires you to have money, but also requires you to have some luck. Because it was too late to catch up, the fan was sold out.

2.Those who did not buy a fan began to "try another way out." Of course, this road is full of "difficult obstacles." They decide to got to the Beach!

Because everyone want to go to the beach to play, so the beach is like the farmer’s market.

In fact, not only the beach, but also the place where there is water, all are crowded with people. For example, the big square below the Eiffel Tower ▼

What do people who want to stay away from crowed, but want to bubble in the water?Only a puddle


The trash can is okay


 The weather is so hot that my phone is shutdown. Take care

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