Become A Hot Burrito !

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In case you missed it, burritos are having a *huge* moment right now. I'm not talking about edible burritos, though; I'm talking about human burritos. More specifically, I'm referring to human burrito blankets. That's right: Burrito-inspired blankets have gone viral, and tortilla lovers across the internet have been using 'em to wrap themselves up like true snacks. If you're hoping to get cozy on your own, you're probably wondering where to get a burrito blanket. Thankfully, you have quite a few options — so prepare to stock up. The more burrito blankets, the better... right?

OK, now that you know where to buy some burrito blankets, I'll show you where you can buy a burrito towel. I mean, summer is coming up, so why not lounge by the pool like a *true* snack?

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