Are you still be troubled by insomnia?


I want to have a good sleep every sleepless night.

I have been known a severe sleep disorder. She is the CEO of a financial company and often needs to work overtime until late at night. Moreover, frequent business trips often lead to the need to jet lag, and the sleep is extremely irregular. She can feel that her body is constantly changing.

One day She was diagnosed with cancer during a medical examination.

Sleep is actually extravagant.

This is an era of selling anxiety and creating anxiety.

Today, with the influence of the Internet, we can't completely escape from this circle. Major websites began to share the methods of celebrity success. The social circle is full of inspirational chicken soup. They say that success can be replicated, ideals should be great, mediocrity is not hard work.

You start to reflect on yourself. You seem to have no deposits, work is very ordinary, and you have not become the second Bill Gates. You start to worry, you start to deny yourself everything, work has no value, ideals have no meaning.

Congratulations. You are the worst of you.

Children are hope of a nation.

Studies have shown that sleep problems are now getting younger and younger. Because of the anxiety of entering a school, young people are anxious about life.

But these people should be free to grow, do what they want to do, and become the person they want to be.

A prosperous country should pay attention to children and youth, while a powerful country can make youth stronger and a strong younger makes the country more powerful.

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