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2019 home fashion trend analysis

Fresh color.

In the past few years, “less is more” and “broken away” has been very thorough in the field of fashion design and furniture design. The “sexual cold wind” is also a big fire. The color of the house seems to disappear all night, only the faint Black and white ash.

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However, fashion is a reincarnation. After the minimalism, the “simplification and complexity” began to be popular in the world. The warm and lively colors gradually regained momentum, especially the bold color with retro meaning became the new inspiration for each brand. 

home textile

In the latest "2019 IKEA Home Guide" released by IKEA, the gorgeous color has become the main theme of the design; the major brands with the newly launched bright color furniture debut at this year's Milan Design Week. In addition, in addition to furniture, color is also used in large quantities on the wall.

3D chirico

The surrealist style of the Italian painter Giorgio De Chirico (1888-1978) has had a major impact on modern aesthetics and design development. His most iconic feature is the use of multi-view non-traditional communication and illogical projection. Elements such as light and arched porches create a surreal space atmosphere in the paintings

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This year, the world's major furniture exhibitions, well-known brands in the product design, also influenced him, there are porch elements, such as Emmemobili brand modular porch bookshelf, Spotti's minimise red table and chairs, Texture brand Allepareti wallpaper.

Dynamic round

Although the minimalist heat is gradually fading, the circular curve with a sense of form, as a classic architectural language and design element, will continue to maintain its mainstream position in modernist home design.

Rugs on the wall

This is a visually dominant network era. The popularity of decorativeism has not diminished in the interior design industry. It has only been overshadowed by minimalism in recent years. In the future, decorativeism will return to the public's home, such as decorative poles. Strong tapestry.

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Colored glass

The exploration and innovation of existing materials has always been the theme of the design world. From the time when the ancient Egyptians made the first glass 4,000 years ago, the glass has not stopped changing.

Ultra-thin, gradient, crystal-like luster and special lamination technology make old and traditional glass materials shine. At this year's Milan Design Week, there were also many creative colored glass products.

home textile

Every popular change in the home is the exploration of people's attitude towards fresh life and trend aesthetics, along with the public's yearning for life aesthetics. At the same time, it is also a test of stone home design, how to keep up with the trend of home furnishing, for the public Providing a personalized home experience is a topic that all stone people should think about.








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